Indoor Games

Tumbling Tower

Key Features:
• Tumbling tower 51 wooden blocks
• Classic wooden blocks game
• No sharp edged 100 % child safe

Brand - Mega Play
Type - Tumbling Tower
Age - 3 Years+
Material - Wood

Product Description:
The object is to remove one block each turn the middle or bottom of the 'TUMBLING TOWER' and place it on top without knocking over the tower. The game continues with players each taking a turn until the tower falls. Getting ready to play To set up your ' TUMBLING TOWER' Put three block next to each other. Lay them side by side. Leaving a small space between blocks. Place 3 more blocks. crossways on top of the first layer as shown.Continue adding layers, 3 blocks at a time until all the 51 blocks are used. Youngest player goes first. Then play continues to the left. Each player removing one block and placing it on removing one block and placing it on the top in the same crisscross way the tower was built. You may use only one hand. You may touch a block to see if it is loose. if you move this block and do not place it on top, you must put it back in its on top. you must put it back in its original position. Next player goes. When a Player makes the tower fall. The player who went before that player is the winner.

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